The MCN Approach

The Montbello Children’s Network, developed in 2017, is an innovative school network model created by the community, for the community. Due to the shared community and proximity of John H. Amesse Elementary and McGlone Academy, this network allows the educators, families, and community members of Montbello to collaborate to improve educational outcomes for students, while authentically addressing the issues and concerns of the neighborhood and strengthening the community as a whole. As a network, we are committed to:

Empowering our Community to Push the Boundaries of Academic Achievement by:
  • Doubling-down our focus on high-quality, standards-based, data-driven teaching.
  • Increasing our emphasis on culturally affirming teaching & intensive ELL support.

Empowering an Educator Community Driven by Diversity and Equity by:
  • Building a diverse and high-performing staff.
  • Investing in the professional development and retention of teaching staff and leadership.
Empowering Vibrant Multigenerational Changemakers in the Montbello community by:
  • Empowering and engaging our families.
  • Ensuring the success of the MCN Family and Community Engagement Center (FACE) as it moves to John H. Amesse Elementary.
Empowering a Network Community That is Stronger Together by:
  • Building systems and structures to increase efficiency, effectiveness, and collaboration.
  • Establishing strong network partnerships to ensure continued innovation and sustainability.